Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody Dr. Mo Hannah & Jennifer Collins

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  1. Hello,
    This happen to me and on this day after fighting for over 7 years and when my daughter's court appointed attorney would say I find no warrant against any abuse in the father but Mother has caused the child to feel this way... the Master would allow this as a way to start the court making story short, I was never allowed to testify or even be asked to be heard but would listen to my Ex his new girlfriend at time who had never met me, and his Mother all testify on issues surrounding myself and the defendent and nothing would be asked or mentioned about our daughter and his arrest record.. At the time of this court day, my ex( person trying to protect child from) would be facing a prison sentence and still faced a jury trial for second degree assault against his 2nd wife, and the Master would never know this.. this is just the beginning and the unjust that was done to me within the Baltimore County Family Circuit Court if anyone knows of anyone who can help me find justice please contact me