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Parental Alienation Syndrome is as much of a “syndrome” as CACAS! Court Appointed Child Abuse Syndrome!

Shoot, we know that some parents say bad things about the other. When a good parent, mother or father, is alienated from their child under false allegations of any sort, we agree that this is child abuse! However abusers are skilled manipulators and hide behind the term PAS to cover up their abuse to their own child. All too often PAS directly results in Court Appointed Child Abuse.

Mother's Rights groups as well as Father’s Rights groups should all agree that Child Abuse is wrong! And that Court Appointed Child Abuse just compounds the abuse! We challenge every organization to support protecting children from every form of abuse! ~Jennifer

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  1. Pas was true in my case. My dad never heard of it I was the one who looked up things that I was going through & came across the terminology & it was like reading exactly what I was going through. I think what part of the problem is the courts don't get it right 90% of the time & when they do get it right it doesn't matter because the parent that is doing the wrong will continue to do so no matter what. It was my mom's boyfriend that use to hit me but I hit back @ age 15. With all the lies my mom has made about my dad & I, I do have a lot of anger when I think about all the crap she has put us through & still continues on with her lies. I am sorry that you had a crappy dad. But it helps to be able to strike back @ the one who wronged you weather it is just by writing a blog, it helps.